Fake News Assignment

A fake news assignment for Internet video class.

Took some footage from a recent trip to tranquility farms in new jersey and turned it into an apocalyptic news broadcast from a dystopian future where Trump wins the Election and in turn, the world falls to shit, alien invasion included.


Overdid the color correction on the raw footage, the green screen effects, AND the adjustment layer to create an overwhelming and exaggerated effect.

The logo was a last minute easter egg touch as well.

NOTE I did not create the “LIVE” effect in the upper right hand corner or the stock ticker at the bottom. Those came with one of the green screen effects and so I tried to hide them a bit.


As always comments and constructive criticisms are welcome and appreciated. Keep reading if you’re interested in my workflow.


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Class notes

This is how I take my class notes.

This for example covers about two weeks of class. From masking to green screen, and even layering photoshop images into videos and motion tracking. The best part? when I go to review¬†my notes if I forget how to do something, I get to watch a funny video too. Maybe I’m just weird but I think it’s an awesome and less boring way to take notes for any class haha


Let me know if you enjoy the video and what your thoughts are on taking notes in class down below. Are you old fashion, sticking to pen and paper? or maybe you like to take notes on your Laptop?